Advanced call features

In addition to its basic call features, Qridd’s WebRTC client also offers a range of advanced functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. From reason codes and distinctive ringtones to server and client-side Do Not Disturb options, Qridd’s WebRTC client empowers users with advanced tools for a more customized and efficient communication experience.

Advanced Call Features:

  1. Reason Codes: Qridd’s WebRTC client supports the use of reason codes, which allow users to enter predefined codes during call handling to indicate specific call outcomes or reasons for transfers or missed calls.
  2. Distinctive Ringtones (Alert-Info): To help users quickly identify the nature of an incoming call, Qridd’s WebRTC client allows for the customization of distinctive ringtones based on the Alert-Info header. By assigning unique ringtones to specific call types or sources, users can prioritize and manage their calls more effectively.
  3. Do-not-disturb:
    Server-side Do Not Disturb (DND): Qridd’s WebRTC client offers server-side Do Not Disturb functionality, enabling users to temporarily block incoming calls from reaching their extension. When DND is activated on the server side, calls will be automatically rerouted to a predetermined destination, such as voicemail or another extension.

    Client-side Do Not Disturb (DND): For users who prefer to manage their Do Not Disturb settings within the WebRTC client, Qridd offers client-side DND options. When activated, client-side DND will mute incoming call notifications, allowing users to focus on their work without being disrupted by incoming calls.