Release log

Currently working on V2022-03

  • Better breadcrumbs
  • Image upload improvements.
  • Working on EULA and acceptance
  • Working on Page titles
  • Working on visibility when transfering
  • Retry connection when WebRTC connection is lost
  • Working on external links for partners
  • Working on incoming call control
  • Working on call waiting
  • Fixing transfer after hold
  • Working on putting the call back on hold after a fixed transfer
  • Fixing duplication of button profiles
  • Fixing edit button profiles
  • Working on server side DND
  • Working on 2FA authentication
  • Fixed special chars in WebRTC Client
  • Hide SIP Passwords in management interface


  • Pentests performed by external security company.
  • Fixed multiple input fields
  • Added feature duplicate button profiles
  • Fixed forgot password error
  • Improved database scheme and indexation for performance
  • Fixed after standby error
  • Improved responsiveness in layout.
  • Changes URL structure
  • Added integration and support for call control for Plantronics / Poly and Jabra headset.

Beta version of the WebRTC Client.

  • login/logout
  • place calls
  • receive calls
  • add blf / speeddial keys
  • setup websocket connection in management

Initial version of the WebRTC client

  • Improved loading times of page
  • Added menu items.
  • Edit function keys
  • Added permissions
  • Add tenant admin features
  • Fixed vulnerabilities
  • Fixed retry connections
  • Added reasoncodes for call history
  • Fixed vulnerabilities
  • Changed layout and buttons in WebRTC Client