Qridd has developed an all-in-one WebRTC communication platform that brings together an extensive range of features, designed to streamline business communications and enhance user experiences. With a comprehensive suite of basic and advanced call functionalities, multi-tenant capabilities, and full whitelabel branding options, Qridd offers businesses an innovative and versatile solution that caters to their unique needs.

  • Basic Call Features:
    Qridd’s WebRTC client provides essential call functionalities such as calling, transferring, holding, muting, redialing, and rejecting calls. These features ensure a smooth and efficient communication experience for users.
  • Advanced Call Features:
    In addition to basic call features, Qridd’s platform offers advanced functionalities like reason codes, distinctive ringtones (Alert-Info), and server and client-side Do Not Disturb (DND) options. These advanced features provide users with greater customization and control over their communication environment.
  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Layered Solution:
    Qridd’s multi-tenant, multi-layered solution caters to various types of businesses and their unique requirements. With a flexible, hierarchical structure that includes System Administrators, Resellers, Customers, and Users, Qridd enables seamless collaboration and efficient communication management.
  • Full Whitelabel Branding:
    Qridd’s platform supports full whitelabel branding, allowing businesses to create a completely customized communication platform that reflects their brand identity. From logos and colors to domain names and email addresses for user notifications, Qridd’s whitelabel capabilities enable businesses to deliver a consistent and professional communication experience.
  • Web Phonebook:
    Qridd’s Web Phonebook integration allows users to easily manage and access their contacts directly within the platform. By importing a CSV file with contact information, users can enjoy a sorted and searchable contact list, streamlining their communication processes.
  • Tel Link Chrome Extension:
    The Tel Link Chrome Extension simplifies the process of making calls from webpages. By enabling users to click on “tel:” links within a webpage, the extension automatically places the number in the dialer, seamlessly integrating with Qridd’s WebRTC platform.
  • Presence Buttons and speeddials:
    Qridd’s platform supports customizable Presence Buttons (BLF) that enable users to monitor the availability and status of their colleagues. System Administrators or company admins can create button profiles and assign them to multiple users, providing an intuitive and efficient way to manage team communication.