Button profile

Just like on a traditional VoIP deskphone, you can add buttons to the client. You can add speeddial buttons and BLF buttons (Busy-lamp-field). Once the user logs in, the user can see the state (Unavailable / available / busy / ringing) of the extension /internal number and click on the speeddials to dial.

You can create multiple button profiles per company. Each user can be assigned to a button profile. For example you can create button profiles for each department and assign them to the users within that department.

Adding a button profile

  1. Open the customer
  2. Click on “Button profile”
  3. Click on “Add button profile”
  4. Add a profile name and add buttons using the
  5. To subscribe to an internal extension choose the button type BLF
    To add a Speeddial, choose Speeddial. For example:
  6. Click “Submit”